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VERSCHOBEN!!! Neue Dates folgen!!!

YOUR ONLY CHANCE to get your quality fine art piece of desire from saxonys young & emerging, wild & ambitious artists & art students at lowest rates ever!!!

A Romantic Gesture w/ SAD, Riley Watts
@ Ausstellung BILDTAKTIK (Altana Galerie, TU Dresden) and Festspielhaus Hellerau

Opening: 08.05. 2015


Die Bildwelt hat ihre eigentümlichen Gesetze. Das Bild ist ein bisschen mehr als die unmittelbare Erfüllung eines Sinnes. Es hat seine eigene Dichte. (M. Foucault)

Ro SAD È - Eine Romantische Geste eines Objekts von SAD
"The world has seen multitudes of poems, songs, films and novels - great art works have sprung from complicated relationship. rosade joins those lines.For an instant of a moment two planets and their individual complexity collide."

Riley Watts - Workshop zum Tanz als eine Form des Denken

"Welchen Einfluss hat Bewegung auf die Fähigkeit kreativen Denkens? und Welcher Informationen ist man sich während einer Bewegung bewusst? Das menschliche Bewusstsein sollte nicht nur innerhalb unseres Gehirns gesucht werden, sondern als ganzheitliches, komplexes – auch körperliches – Phänomen erkannt werden. Welchen Einfluss hat Bewegung auf die Fähigkeit kreativen Denkens? und Welcher Informationen ist man sich während einer Bewegung bewusst?"


May 8: opening of the exhibition with Ro SAD É @TU DRESDEN Altana Galerie
June 8: Vortrag von Riley Watts im @S T O R E (8 pm)
June 8 + Juni 9: Workshop mit Riley Watts: THINKING THROUGH MOVEMENT @Festpielhaus Hellerau (12 - 5pm)
June 10: EXKURSION rehearsal open to public // VIELFALT ROSADÉ @Festspielhaus Hellerau (7pm)
June 11 - Juni 14: Ro SAD É @ Festpielhaus Hellerau

>> The programm is an intervention by S T O R E in collaboration with Festspielhaus Hellerau and BILDTAKTIK (ALTANA Galerie) >>

more information on the individual parts:

the ever missing Pizza Pavilion @ Venice Biennale #56
First International Pavilion dedicated to Pizza as Cultural Canvas

opening: May 7, 2015 / 8pm
location: Pizza Al Volo, Campo Santa Margherita (Venice, Italy)
duration: May 8 to Nov 22, 2015

Alma Alloro / Anthony Antonellis / Rachael Archibald / Kim Asendorf & Ole Fach / Paul Barsch / Dineo Seshee Bopape / Matteo Ceretto Castigliano / Debora Delmar / Jack Fisher / Luc Fuller / Shiyu Gao / Jason Hirata / Tilman Hornig & Anselm Ruderisch / Sascha Hundorff / Simona Lamparelli / Lorna Mills / Yorgos Sapountzis / Sydney Shen / Santiago Taccetti

"When entire sections of our existence spiral into abstraction as a result of economic globalization, when the basic functions of our daily lives are slowly transformed into products of consumption (including human relations, which are becoming a full-fledged industrial concern), it seems highly logical that artists might seek to rematerialize these functions and processes, to give shape to what is disappearing before our eyes." (N. Bourriaud)

PIZZA PAVILION takes place at 'Al Volo' a regular pizzeria in Venice for the duration of the Venice Biennale #56. A list of international artists were invited to create their very personal pizza-topping ideas that will be realized by the pizzeria´s bakers and served on-site. PIZZA PAVILION uses the existing infrastructure of a working local pizzeria in order to create a highly effective and still priceless Venice Biennale 'pavilion' - a platform for young international artists at a minimum to zero cost and effort. (Almost like using solar power to gain electric energy, or using the internet to spread .gif-art …) The pizzeria will continue to run as usual. Beside the pizzeria´s regular choices PIZZA PAVILION adds a special PIZZA PAVILION menu that announces the participating artist and their pizzas. PIZZA PAVILION PIZZAs are totally edible and available at regular prices. In order to stick to the pizzerias working procedures and resources the artists could only choose from the pizzeria's usual topping variety. PIZZA PAVILION is turning a regular pizzeria into an art production studio and gallery, where one can witness the creation of an contemporary "artwork" and can buy and consume it directly. PIZZA PAVILION is not supported by any funding or grants, it is realized by the enthusiasm of a few to benefit all. It is not part of Venice Biennale #56 or any official programming. But it is an operation of professionals at large. Artists make art, curators curate, pizzerias make pizza! It's an experience of choice. The pavilion of the hungry hearts. <3
pdf download

The opening event was accompanied by Pizza Parlance a project by Julia Mintzer (mezzo-soprano), Charles Ogilvie, Toby Young. An accompanying catalogue and fantastiv ediction is coming and will host texts, poems, research and interviews on Pizza, Pizza Pavilion and its participants. more information here: or via the facebook eventpage.

The exclusive Pizza Pavilion mixtape was released and made available by/via The Pizza Suicide Club on bandcamp and F***NG BLUESTORK went wild on WE LIKE PIZZA. Thanks a million! available here: Pizza soundcloud

Pizza Pavilion is a project by Konstanze Schuetze and Paul Barsch, Simona Lamparelli and Matteo Ceretto Castigliano in cooperation with ‚Pizza Al Volo' (Venice) and S T O R E contemporary (Dresden) //